Cole’s Priorities

Support Families & Communities

I know how special it is to grow up in a small town where people look out for one another. But for decades now, we have let the systems that keep our rural communities going fall into disrepair. It is time we fix them. We need to commit to funding a world-class school system, strengthen safety net programs that catch those going through tough times, work towards a healthcare system that doesn’t bankrupt Coloradans, and build our infrastructure system for the 21st century. Our communities shape us and make us who we are. We have to invest in them again.

We must:

  • Rebuild, reform, and adequately fund our K-12 and post-secondary education systems

  • Expand access to affordable healthcare and provide more resources for mental health services

  • Address the childcare crisis by working to lower costs and increase the number of service providers

  • Boost affordable housing development and access through investment and regulatory reform

  • Work towards paid family and medical leave and more tax credits for families with young children

Strengthen Rural Economies

Every day we hear about the interests of Denver and Wall Street, but we all know the strength of our rural economies is not measured by the performance of big cities or the stock market, but by the ability of working people here in our communities to thrive. We know that even as corporate profits soar, our economy isn’t good if the residents of Western Colorado can’t make ends meet. Going forward, we have to make sure that our policies put everyday people first. That means fighting for good jobs, boosting small and medium sized businesses, and supporting innovative local economies. Because we know that when Main Street succeeds, everybody wins.

We must:

  • Expand and simplify loan programs for entrepreneurs and small businesses

  • Incentivize and attract companies to the Western Slope to diversify our economic base

  • Expand infrastructure in support of local tourism and supply chains

  • Invest in full-spectrum clean energy research and deployment

  • Build economic innovation hubs at community colleges and universities

  • Ensure family farms and ranches can thrive

Protect Our Environment

Colorado is truly special. Growing up on a ranch gave me a deep appreciation for this place that we call home, and for the resources we rely on. But making sure it remains that way will take work. If we truly value what makes the Western Slope a great place to live in, we have to fight to protect it. The future of rural Colorado depends on taking action to protect our water, our air, and our soil. It demands we embrace innovative practices to transition to a cleaner future and conserve our natural heritage for future generations.

We must:

  • Ensure our public lands are protected, funded, and accessible for future generations

  • Protect our water by keeping it in its home basin and invest in water basing health and conservation

  • Expand low- and zero-emissions energy generation

  • Support strong clean air and water standards

Defend Our Democracy

Today, there are so many forces working hard to divide us, and our democracy is under threat. To protect it, we have to pass laws that prevent bad actors from undermining our country’s democratic values and norms. We are not just fighting political battles, we are fighting to keep our representative system of government alive.

We must:

  • Protect every citizen's right to vote

  • Push for more inclusive and representative election options like ranked choice voting

  • Make sure every representative is elected by the people by ending vacancy appointments

  • Protect our election processes from partisan interference

  • Support political anti-corruption legislation

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